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“People who criticize industry [e.g., the allopathic medical business/mainstream medicine, the biotech industry, the cell phone industry, the pesticide industry, the radiation industry, the banking industry, etc.] become the victims of corporate-government campaigns to convince the public not to listen to them.” (Ray Peat, PhD, 1936-2022, US Biologist, Painter, And Author, in 2009) [explanation added]

“Only those who fully agree with the [societal] indoctrination [=the programing by 'the official educational system'] get the certificate [=degree] at the end. And if you don't have the certificate, you can't “ethically” have an opinion. Convenient, right?” (Miles Mathis, US Artist, Dissident Physicist, Author, And Social Critic, in 2010) [explanations added]

“[...] to speak a true word is to transform the world.” (Paulo Freire, 1921-1997, Brazilian
Pedagogue, Philosopher, And Social Activist, in 1993)

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2) The Mammogram Myth

3) A Mammogram Letter Of Mine The British Medical Journal Censored

4) Tryptophan Side Effects: L-Tryptophan Is Far From Harmless

5) Health Risks Of Dietary Supplements | The Proper Perspective

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